Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's only November.....

but I'm already nervous about the pool next summer. I don't know why, we moved here in August and the pool was open for a good month after that and I was fine. I get these little panic's weird. I know how much she loves the water, I know how stubborn and determined she is. Maybe that's why I'm so nervous. I have a few months to think of a back up plan.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I promise I won't forget to post again....

Honestly, October 8th was my last post and I cannot believe I only had one this month, now it's November. November will be a much better month I just know it.

I don't often (if ever) cut out my photo's but this layout really needed it. This tree was from Fancy Pants last year and I used it backwards, it's a glittery green colour and I used the underside so I could get just black. I'm not a glittery kind a girl, I'm a girl in all other aspects but I just don't care for glitter.

Today was the day after the candy and I think ds was running on sugar alone today...and his father. We had a really nice dinner celebrating my dad's birthday and retirement in Hamilton earlier tonight and now it's time for another work week....who knows maybe I'll be at work all 5 days this week....wouldn't that be a nice concept!!!! The kids are well and that's really all that matters.