Saturday, May 29, 2010

Melissa Frances

She was at CKC Buffalo and is so friendly and easy to talk to, I enjoyed chatting while creating my make and take she had at her booth. I should post that too....gotta take a pic still. I think I have her entire collection now.....this is what I purchased this trip.

CKC was good, I had 4 classes this year and they were really good ones, but I don't think I will take "The latest and greatest with basic grey" again. I had to see what the hype was all about after this class being sold out so quickly in the past. I'm not head over heals with BG, I like it but I pick and choose a few things from ONE of their lines each CHA release.

Been doing a lot of creating lately, lots of mojo and yummy stuff to play with so I go with the flo!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

May flowers....

April showers brought this! Beautiful flowers that I did not grow! They just appeared there! Magic...poof....tada.....thanks!

So pretty....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Love my little shoe box

By far my most loved paper line...ok maybe the top 5 (very hard to narrow that down to just one) These layouts look much better in person than they do in the photo and the actual photo is not so good, the one of the house was in the evening when the golden sun was setting and you can see the yellow reflection on the top of the garage. The other one is Olivia and it was printed at a local drug store....gasp! My printer does a way better job than those washed out photos, but anyway I needed, or I thought I needed a 5x7 and I can't print those. Ended up cutting it down, should have re-printed but didn't want to waste it.

Excuses excuses, it's my art and I guess it doesn't really matter in the end anyway.....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Family Pictures

Those boys think they are just so funny.....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blog Hop Winner!

Sorry for the delay! Wanita!!! Your the winner of this blog hop! PM me your address and I'll send you a RAK, thanks for playing!

This is a layout I made with an LP kit and Angie's sketch....really fun, I think I'm going to do another.
It's almost here! The long weekend I've been waiting for since February! Not because of the actual holiday but because of CKC of course! I'm taking 4 classes this year, gonna be pressed for time in the market place but I think I can manage on spending some money...hehe.

Monday, May 3, 2010

My new treasure...

Isn't she a beauty? A Hemingway, from the 1950's and I am so lucky to have such a beautiful vintage piece in my scrap room. Thank you to a very kind Rosemary for making it possible, it was meant to be.
I have also used it twice on my layouts, I especially love the ease of using this machine, it's manual so your not fighting a machine's margins...LOL. You just line it up and type....hard. It's exactly what I was looking for, I wish I had it a few weeks ago for my ATC's, but I'm sure I'll be using it on future cards.
The eggtician layout - I printed two photos, one colour and one black and white, I cut out the coloured cups from the colour photo and stuck them on the black and white photo. Too lazy to do it in photoshop and then go to Costco to pick up the prints, just print at home and cut....done in five minutes! I applied a small piece of tape the the scallop edge and stuck it on the typewriter paper and fed it through the machine.
The scallop circle in the "food group" layout is also typed, gosh I just love the look of that....the fading of the ink and the not so perfect lined up letter....