Thursday, May 31, 2012

October Afternoon

It's good to have a stash...then you can pull out yummy kits like this October Afternoon stuff from a year or so ago :)  Love OA...scraps itself...

I love my dymo...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Donna Downy's class....

Was awesome!!!
Learned sooo much from her!  Wow she knows what's going on in product!
I think I better start making notes because I don't think I will be able to remember all that.
She is funny too, she shared a few things with us...still makes me giggle :)
I loved it, and look forward to another...
We made art journals :)
She gave us all one to work in...they are neat...
The part I thought was the coolest....I was holding her art journal that is working on right now...the one on her blog, that was my "ah...ha" moment for some see the "real life"
that was cool

Now to finish it...LOL

Thursday, May 24, 2012

just a busy day....

I should smash that...I did take a few photos of everything that happened today...

Rich had surgery, it went well...he spent the night and I picked him up in between Josh's dental appointment and Olivia's fracture clinic appointment.....just a busy day...that's ok, happy to do it all...

Here is a pic of the smart a$$ before surgery, didn't quite look like that after LOL

I see a lot of pink layouts in my future....

Take care!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

whoa! what a weekend!

hope the weather was just as good where you were :)

we socialized all weekend, it was wonderful!

I created three layouts today with my friend Carrie, here are two of them.

I was following the Scrapping Bug challenges for these layouts :)

Josh went to a birthday party on Sunday, they played paint ball in Brantford, he is on the injured list now.

Not looking very good is it...

what's with my kids and their limbs??!!

Back to work tomorrow...not too excited about that but what can you do...

It will be a short week, with some time off in between....I have a loaded week, should be interesting :)

Saturday is looking super good :)  I will be in Cambridge in the Donna Downy class :)

Take care!


Saturday, May 19, 2012

CKC and a broken wrist...

 Here we are...Carrie and I at CKC Buffalo.  We took 3 classes and we both won prizes in our classes.
I picked up some neat stuff, some Faber Castel Gelatos, an album kit from the Button Farm and a pair of Tim Holtz scissors.  Some good deals on staple supplies (cats eye ink, glue dots, ATG refils etc) at one particular booth, stocked up on some stuff, $5.95 for two rolls of Scotch ATG acid free refils!!
I really wanted a few of Christy's stamps but I didn't see any there.
OHHHH!!  Love my tapes was there!   I bought some washi addicting stuff.  I already had a few rolls and started using it last week....I used it on my card in the post it, it's fun stuff!
Then we went here for dinner....

 It was very good :)
Dinner was too....LOL

So here is Olivia at the hospital while the doctor is starting a partial cast for her broken arm.
Poor little thing, she tripped over a bike in the neighbours back yard, she has a buckle fracture in her left wrist.   We will get her a fibre glass cast on Thursday so she will be able to swim in the pool.

It's the long weekend!  We are going to some friends tonight for some fun, Rich is going to open the pool tomorrow and Monday I am going to scrap!

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I made something....

a card...actually two :)

the thank you card is for my co-workers, they gave me a parting gift on Monday :)
I'm not actually leaving my job, just the physical location, so I won't be able to harass these girls on a daily basis any more...poor things, they will miss me...LOL

don't forget, there are always two sides to a story...LOL

anyway, I will miss them terribly and it won't be the same, but when I'm feeling department sick (vs home sick) I will go back to that office :) and visit :)

I don't know what this one is for....I used washi tape...neat stuff I must say.

I made the flower too.

It was a challenge over at the Scrapping Bug :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Instagram takes the coolest photos...I love it.   I love my iPhone camera, I can't believe I'm saying that.   After taking several courses in photography and photoshop with my DSLR I admit I love how easy it is to take these instagram photos.  Probably because it is so incredibly simple.  And fast!
I took this photo of the kids eating their ice cream at Hewitts Dairy, I took them there for dinner tonight after grocery shopping (makes sense doesn't it?   Spend $150 on groceries then stop for dinner??) 
I lost my DSLR battery charger, ever priced one of those?   $80 plus tax.  Seriously?? 
So I bought it off ebay for $8, should be here by Wednesday :)

The kids and I started and finished the front garden today, it was driving me cray.   I went out this morning and purchased the plants and hanging baskets, don't ask me what they are as I have no clue, the flowers are pretty though....LOL.   Hey I'm a scrapbooker not a gardener.
I filled it in with black wood chips, my father in law brought them a few weeks ago and they have been sitting in the drive way every since.  Nice to have the entire pavement back :)

Another instagram photo :)

Heading off to CKC next Friday, pretty excited about that, I didn't go last year because I went to Scrapfest instead (there is only so much money) So this year I worked Scrapfest with Boys Rule and didn't do any shopping so I will be able to spend a bit at CKC.   I'm taking three classes, one of them is for the Smash book, am I the only one who does not have a smash book?  Well I will have one on Friday!

So my creative interests are changing again, it's exciting when that happens but my wallet gets a bit't know why :)  and I tend to be stalking mixed media art more and more....I have taken several of Christy Tomlinson's classes and I subscribe to her Scarlet Lime mixed media kits and I am in love with the projects she creates.   I am yet to actually make a canvas art!  I have one started downstairs, I really need to finish it.  So I found this blog/store that is physically close (Kitchener) and I have been stalking their blog and watching their it.   They are called the Art House Studio  and they do some pretty amazing things over there.   I have just registered for a mixed media workshop there with Donna Downy!!!  eeeeekkk!  I am flipping out!  So excited!!  ...and it just so happens that I will be spending some time at my parents trailer this Kitchener!!!!   See!!  It was meant to be!  LOL

I think I need a mixed media room now.....