Saturday, May 12, 2012


Instagram takes the coolest photos...I love it.   I love my iPhone camera, I can't believe I'm saying that.   After taking several courses in photography and photoshop with my DSLR I admit I love how easy it is to take these instagram photos.  Probably because it is so incredibly simple.  And fast!
I took this photo of the kids eating their ice cream at Hewitts Dairy, I took them there for dinner tonight after grocery shopping (makes sense doesn't it?   Spend $150 on groceries then stop for dinner??) 
I lost my DSLR battery charger, ever priced one of those?   $80 plus tax.  Seriously?? 
So I bought it off ebay for $8, should be here by Wednesday :)

The kids and I started and finished the front garden today, it was driving me cray.   I went out this morning and purchased the plants and hanging baskets, don't ask me what they are as I have no clue, the flowers are pretty though....LOL.   Hey I'm a scrapbooker not a gardener.
I filled it in with black wood chips, my father in law brought them a few weeks ago and they have been sitting in the drive way every since.  Nice to have the entire pavement back :)

Another instagram photo :)

Heading off to CKC next Friday, pretty excited about that, I didn't go last year because I went to Scrapfest instead (there is only so much money) So this year I worked Scrapfest with Boys Rule and didn't do any shopping so I will be able to spend a bit at CKC.   I'm taking three classes, one of them is for the Smash book, am I the only one who does not have a smash book?  Well I will have one on Friday!

So my creative interests are changing again, it's exciting when that happens but my wallet gets a bit't know why :)  and I tend to be stalking mixed media art more and more....I have taken several of Christy Tomlinson's classes and I subscribe to her Scarlet Lime mixed media kits and I am in love with the projects she creates.   I am yet to actually make a canvas art!  I have one started downstairs, I really need to finish it.  So I found this blog/store that is physically close (Kitchener) and I have been stalking their blog and watching their it.   They are called the Art House Studio  and they do some pretty amazing things over there.   I have just registered for a mixed media workshop there with Donna Downy!!!  eeeeekkk!  I am flipping out!  So excited!!  ...and it just so happens that I will be spending some time at my parents trailer this Kitchener!!!!   See!!  It was meant to be!  LOL

I think I need a mixed media room now.....

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