Sunday, May 8, 2011

Birthday for Josh

This is the never ending birthday party number 3, yes, 3. First we had the "friends" party, very small, just a few boys over but never the less it was a "party". Then on his birthday I brought a cake to school for his class mates (yes I actually did look like on of those moms who had their shit together - it was brief though - LOL) Josh also picked out where he would like to have his birthday dinner so off to King's Buffet for some Chinese food, then home for his gifts. We then celebrated for the third time on Mother's Day with my side of the family and he was able to see his cousins....much fun it was.

And we're not done weekend promises to deliver more.

Managed to get three layouts done this weekend, super me, or maybe stupid me....LOL depending on how you look at it. My scrap room is a bomb, un-believable mess, Miss Olivia was in there "creating" LOOK OUT!!! Shudder at the thought of returning.

Went on a 3 hour tour on Saturday, it was my mother's day gift, 1/4 tank of gas and three hours....very very exciting it was....more on that this week and some gorgeous photos.

Been burning the candle at both ends lately and I need to sslllooooowwww down. Need to think......have an idea, it's a doosie of an idea too, so exciting....will share more soon, I just have to get few more things in place......