Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm so excited!!!!

I am a guest designer at Scrap-tures Kit Club for January!! I've received my kit and I have to admit I was very impressed with the contents and then the wheels started turning....looking forward to playing with my goodies tomorrow. This is the link to their site.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blogging at midnight....

More December photos, these are a few of them that will make it into my December Daily Mini Album. I have no idea how I'm going to do this for the project 365....

Olivia and I went shopping tonight, all night, we got home late. We had fun....picked up these wonderful cushions for my new couch and love seat....I like them. A little on the white side compared to the tarnished look of the room but I'm sure they won't stay like that....

Josh opening up one of his advent calendar days. Lego is wonderful.

Christmas decorations in my house, I think I have 3 of them up plus the tree this year. Just didn't feel like all the clutter so they stayed in boxes and only a handful made it out.

The morning after the night before....LOL....what a stinkin mess! It's a little better now but not by much.

Baking! Too bad they are all gone and Christmas isn't even here yet....better get back in there.

All snug in MY bed! Rotten kids...LOL I love it they just snuggle right in.

We named our elf - Elfy - yes very original but it works. The kids love looking for the clever little guy in the morning....so do I on some mornings....LOL.

That's it for now! Michaels has some really good coupons right now! 50% off everyday this week....I've been there three times and it's only Monday! Picked up some yummy stuff to play with next week...can't wait!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I guess I better update...

One layout this month....that's it....but it's not over yet!
Our Christmas tree...
A yummy treat! Can't have too many... :)

The lovely bird that wakes us up every morning buy flying into our window.....dispite the fact that we have a two foot plastic owl hanging in the window...LOL

Olivia opens a Tinkerbell toy at the Christmas party.

Josh looking for something....LOL

Olivia meets Tinkerbell....

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's getting closer!!

Christmas that is! I picked up an advent calendar for Josh when I was at Target, it is so very cool....it's a Lego Advent Calendar and he will open a window each day to a little pile of lego and assemble it, little things like a snowman and a Christmas tree....so fun. He did see it the other day and is very anxious to start but we have to wait until next Wednesday. In the photo it is difficult to see each of the perferated doors to the goods because of the scene, but they are there, all 24 of them.
The other day I was talking with Kim at the Memory Keeper and we were talking about advent calendars (the Karen Foster type) and one thing led to another and I learned Playmobile also had advent calendars. So off I go looking for one for Olivia so she can have the same type of thing as Josh. I found a Fairy Playmobile advent calendar for her, great price too. The calendar has a scene as well, I set it up in the photo to show you how wonderful it is, and each butterfly has the number to tell you what door to open.
So this year I will have to tuck their home made (Karen Foster) advent calendars away until next year so they can enjoy something different.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Busy time....

Seems like September just ended and I was wondering where it went....while I was thinking October went and now it's November...how did that happen? That's just crazy.

So much to do, so much I want to do and yet I only do what I have to....LOL...nothing extra. I did two layouts today, maybe I'll be able to create another tonight.

Right in the thick of Christmas shopping now, almost done then I can start on the stocking stuffers for the kids. At least I'm ahead of schedule for one task.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Eat your veggies....

Olivia certainly has no problem with this food group, wish she got that from me....LOL.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Yikes! Sept 30 was my last post?!

It's been a bit since my last post...thanks for the reminder mum!

I did very well at the fair this year, 9 ribbons and my halloween banner won the "special" award. It was fun but I think next year I'll start earlier....LOL

We went drove up the highway and found a farmer with this at the end of their driveway so everyone picked out their perfect pumpkin.

Here is a picture of Josh last Sunday, he saw the spread of desserts in the kitchen and said "boy this day keeps getting better and better!" LOL too funny!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

One more for September

I didn't take a photo of Josh on his first day of school....tsk, tsk, tsk. How could that have possibly happened you ask? just life...in the passing lane..

Night school has started and I'm in pure glee for 3 hours. I will have the upper hand on that camera of mine...

Here is a photo of the banner I made for the Caledonia Fall Fair. I've done quite a few things this year and on Saturday I will find out if the town likes my stuff....should be a fun day of corn dogs, dizzy bellies and smash up derby cars....and hopefully a ribbon or two!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Life Preservers layouts

I've been working on a few layouts with the August kit from Life Preservers, the alternate features Thrift Shop from October Afternoon, such lovely stuff! I have two layouts done and am working on another, I'll post that later.

This is the first full week of school. I'm trying to stay organized, so far so good. I pack a lunch for Josh every night so this year I have started something new to save some week night time. On Sunday night I pack all his lunches for the week, I have plastic containers to keep everything sorted, I have to put two cookies in a baggie every night so I might as well just spend a minute and do it 4 more times. Surprisingly enough it doesn't take long to pack 5 lunches, as its all the same stuff. The sandwich is the hard part because you don't want that to go bad but Josh doesn't eat them so I just pack some lunch meat and I have it in portion baggies in the freezer that I pull out each night. I'm liking this already. Now if I can just keep the fingers out of the box all week then I won't have a problem.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Feeling guilty....

Earlier tonight (well I guess last night...LOL) I got upset with Olivia because she was playing (aka-making a mess) with a bottle of green paint. She had paint on a favorite blanket, her shirt, all over herself and all over my bathroom. She hides it from me because she knows she is only allowed to use it in a controlled environment (aka-my scrap room and in her panties only!) She knows where I keep it all too, I'll have to hide it all again. I have tons of it as I use to folk art paint many moons ago, long before I discovered paper.

Then I feel terribly guilty for being upset when I see her asleep in my bed, so pretty and peaceful. Then I think of all the mothers who have lost their babies, and would give anything to have their babies make such a mess like this. Puts things into prospective a little bit...it's just a shirt, who cares! I did then and now I won't again.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Done! Well sort of...

Here you go Connie! I know you can't really tell, but there are houses and trees and a road painted there...LOL..at least that what they tell me.

Can you tell Josh is bi-lingual? I guess we better start on the english home work again. They had fun, and our new floor will go in on Wednesday, so looking forward to a nice clean floor.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Art...in a strange kind of way....

We have been walking on concrete floors in the basement for a few weeks now and before our new floor is layed next week I thought we should have some fun with it. What else can you do with such a boring floor? Paint it! Paint the floor not your body Josh.....all well, it's all fun.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Everyone loves Marineland"

Olivia sang that all day as we enjoyed our visit with the marine life. Amazing creatures they are. This is a photo I took of Olivia feeding a Beluga whale, she was all smiles. I bought the photo the park photographer took as well, it turned out perfect...her smiling while touching the whale and the angle is perfect....better be for $16 for a 6x8 (ouch) but I had to have it. I don't think we were 10 minutes out of the parking lot and she was out like a light.

She asked me if we could go back tomorrow....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

summer time...

It's been so humid, I like the warm weather but not the humidity. Good thing for air conditioning and a pool!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Julie Bonner sketch!

Her sketches are so fresh, I just love them and her style of creating. Clean simple and just the right amount of embellies and layering. She has a current one up on her blog right now, you can find it here.

This layout was created awile ago now, I love this design too I just might have to do another one like this.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Front Row Seats

Awesome seats we managed to get ourselves at the Canal Days Fireworks this year. Olivia wasn't too impressed this time, don't know why as she love the Canada Day display here in town. At any rate we all enjoyed ourselves this weekend and managed to hook up with some fabulous friends of ours, Bill and Jess.
Summer is half way done...bummer. I still have a few weeks left of holidays and we are going to the trailer with some Friends in a few weeks which I'm sure will be an absolute blast for all of us.

Olivia's swimming is progressing nicely, she loves the water, that's the easy part the hard part is teaching the respect for the water. When hubby was in the hospital a few weeks ago she and I would swim at 9pm when the water was 92 degrees then go and put our pj's on and go to bed. That was heaven! He's home now and the water is only 84 today...still good but I really liked how warm it was.

This is a picture of Olivia swimming with her gand-papa over the weekend.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

6 Flags and 2 Boys....

Sounds like a great title for a page!

They had a blast, I said yes to eveything they asked, gosh I wish that would happen to me...LOL. A cloudy start to the day but so worth it, the clouds kept the crowds away so we could play.

I'll have to play with these photos a bit, I'm sure they will get my mojo going again they are so fun!

Friday, July 9, 2010

A fresh summer hair cut....

Seems to be catchy in my house right now, all the new haircuts. Hubby needs to have his curly locks cut off now too. Olivia and I went out last night and cut all her hair off. I have been toying with it for months, I'm ready then I change my mind.
At the Canada Day parade last week one of the floats held 9 girls who were cutting their hair for "Hair for Angels" it's an organization who provides wigs to children who's parents can't afford an expensive wig for their sick child. So the group of girls needed one more pony to have their magic number (your need 10 pony's to make a wig) Well that did it for me! We set our appointment, received a really cute cut and helped someone out.

It will grow again, and I will enjoy the process of growing it back. The next time we cut it off for a donation she will be old enough to understand what she is really doing.