Friday, July 9, 2010

A fresh summer hair cut....

Seems to be catchy in my house right now, all the new haircuts. Hubby needs to have his curly locks cut off now too. Olivia and I went out last night and cut all her hair off. I have been toying with it for months, I'm ready then I change my mind.
At the Canada Day parade last week one of the floats held 9 girls who were cutting their hair for "Hair for Angels" it's an organization who provides wigs to children who's parents can't afford an expensive wig for their sick child. So the group of girls needed one more pony to have their magic number (your need 10 pony's to make a wig) Well that did it for me! We set our appointment, received a really cute cut and helped someone out.

It will grow again, and I will enjoy the process of growing it back. The next time we cut it off for a donation she will be old enough to understand what she is really doing.

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