Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's getting closer!!

Christmas that is! I picked up an advent calendar for Josh when I was at Target, it is so very's a Lego Advent Calendar and he will open a window each day to a little pile of lego and assemble it, little things like a snowman and a Christmas fun. He did see it the other day and is very anxious to start but we have to wait until next Wednesday. In the photo it is difficult to see each of the perferated doors to the goods because of the scene, but they are there, all 24 of them.
The other day I was talking with Kim at the Memory Keeper and we were talking about advent calendars (the Karen Foster type) and one thing led to another and I learned Playmobile also had advent calendars. So off I go looking for one for Olivia so she can have the same type of thing as Josh. I found a Fairy Playmobile advent calendar for her, great price too. The calendar has a scene as well, I set it up in the photo to show you how wonderful it is, and each butterfly has the number to tell you what door to open.
So this year I will have to tuck their home made (Karen Foster) advent calendars away until next year so they can enjoy something different.

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Sassette said...

These are just the cutest advent calendars I have ever seen!