Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Front Row Seats

Awesome seats we managed to get ourselves at the Canal Days Fireworks this year. Olivia wasn't too impressed this time, don't know why as she love the Canada Day display here in town. At any rate we all enjoyed ourselves this weekend and managed to hook up with some fabulous friends of ours, Bill and Jess.
Summer is half way done...bummer. I still have a few weeks left of holidays and we are going to the trailer with some Friends in a few weeks which I'm sure will be an absolute blast for all of us.

Olivia's swimming is progressing nicely, she loves the water, that's the easy part the hard part is teaching the respect for the water. When hubby was in the hospital a few weeks ago she and I would swim at 9pm when the water was 92 degrees then go and put our pj's on and go to bed. That was heaven! He's home now and the water is only 84 today...still good but I really liked how warm it was.

This is a picture of Olivia swimming with her gand-papa over the weekend.

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