Monday, September 6, 2010

Feeling guilty....

Earlier tonight (well I guess last night...LOL) I got upset with Olivia because she was playing (aka-making a mess) with a bottle of green paint. She had paint on a favorite blanket, her shirt, all over herself and all over my bathroom. She hides it from me because she knows she is only allowed to use it in a controlled environment (aka-my scrap room and in her panties only!) She knows where I keep it all too, I'll have to hide it all again. I have tons of it as I use to folk art paint many moons ago, long before I discovered paper.

Then I feel terribly guilty for being upset when I see her asleep in my bed, so pretty and peaceful. Then I think of all the mothers who have lost their babies, and would give anything to have their babies make such a mess like this. Puts things into prospective a little's just a shirt, who cares! I did then and now I won't again.

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nomorelittlemonkeys said...

She does look peaceful! Every mother has moments like that where they are impatient! Don't be so hard on yourself.