Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm having one of those working mom days

You know the ones.....when you feel like the best thing for you and your family is to be at home, but you have a full time job and you have to go to work. I hate those feelings and try really hard to think of something happy so I don't have to paddle around in the sea of guilt. It's Tuesday and today was much like yesterday when I really felt I should be at home parenting my child instead of paying someone to do it for me. I wish I could work part-time, the would be the best of both worlds. Maybe I just need a vacation to be at home.....I think that's what it is. I'm on vacation very soon for two wonderful weeks.....sooooo looking forward to it!


Anonymous said...

Oh honey, i know how you are feeling. I love being home sick because i'm home nesting and caring for my children. it's definitely not easy - and i was on both sides...being at SAHM and a working mom...and both are hard!!

leah said...

Sorry girlie - vaca's coming soon... we do what we have to do, right? :(

Elisabeth said...

oh and that Mommy guilt is like the weight of the world, isn't it? We do the best we can and that's what's important..have fun with your time off!