Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not so good news....

This is a layout I did with the Life Preservers kit Imaginisce line....wonderful papers they have, so fun and full of spring. A happy layout for a not so happy topice...but that's ok because there are happy days ahead 8-)
My world changed slightly last week when I took my daughter to the doctor for a minor ailment and left with a heart condition...really!
I've been having some wacky things going on with my heart in the last few years, kind of feels like it's beating really fast or a really hard pound and sometimes feel like it skips a beat or beats out of order. I've worn the heart monitors a few times and it didn't really show anything, so then the doctor sent me for an ultrasound of my heart....that was January 15. On March 25 when I was at the doctor with Olivia the receptionist told me I had test results in and she would talk about it in the same visit as my daughter. She told me I have a hole in my heart and the sensation I'm feeling is when the blood back washes through.....nice. I need to see a cardiologist, so now I'm waiting patiently for my appointment.

She has had two patients with this condition and they had endured a stroke and that is how they found it, so I guess I'm lucky. They used to do open heart surgery a long time ago to correct it but now they can go in the vein in the groin area to fix it....day surgery or so they say. Nervous? yes very. I have many questions now that this news has sunk in....can I exercise? Not that it matters much as I carrying laundry from one floor to another is hardly a cardio workout but I do need to know this kind of stuff.

I guess I was born with it and it's not shown up until now, now that I have blood pressure issues. it's been high for quite a few weeks now and I had to record the numbers and bring them in to her. So today I gathered all my 174/109 numbers and presented them to her and she said congrats!!! You are now on meds!! So there, I'm officially old.

Do you think while I'm under they can do a tummy tuck and a boob job?

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Lisa Carroll said...

That layout is absolutely adorable!! I love how you journaled around the edge of the paper and the design is just perfect. And again sorry about the not so good news. :(