Thursday, October 8, 2009

eeekkkkkk!! She's here!! Ellie!!

She is so beautiful! I'm so happy, now I have to hide her until Christmas. Christina named her Ellie and I so love that name. This is the site here to see more Bamboletta dolls.

My poor blog has been so neglected, just like everything else in my life right now, oh, I have been feeding the kids so at least I've kept up on some obligations.

We have been in our new house for about 6 weeks (actually when I say the number it really not a long time) and it's pretty much sucking the life right out of me. Things are getting better thanks to a few meltdowns (yes, sadly me) and much more open communication (I'm sure you can read between the lines there...LOL) I have a few pictures on the wall and my big shelf is over the sofa so I am getting there. Of course the scrap room is done and it's soooo pretty. I look forward to posting pictures soon....but not yet I have something up my sleeve for in there. There are still things I cannot find, Joshua's curtain rod, the presser foot for my sewing machine (this REALLY sucks as I have all the material cut to make my curtains but cannot) and of course the sugar container and butter dish...gone forever I think.

The weekends are pretty much spent organizing things and making homes for all my things.....the things I thought would be so awesome (and in theory really are) are turning out to be yucky. I'm working out my issues. Last weekend I did some scrap booking with my LP kit (which was really fun) and I have completed my Halloween ATC too. I'm really wanting to make that mini Christmas organizer Melissa made for the last crop we had at is so pretty.

I went to Buffalo last Friday and had tons of fun shopping with Cathy, I didn't get my bind it all but I managed to find it here at the Memory Keeper just this past Monday so I'm quite happy with that....that Christmas organizer is going to look awesome with the bind it all. I went to Buffalo Stamps and Stuff as it was recommended by Elisabeth from ACBailey and loved the place....I was having little panic attacks in there because there were so many yummy things in there....LOL I'm such a looser!!

I am on the design team again for Life Preservers for another term and am very excited and proud to be part of a wonderful group of girls over there. If your thinking you need some kits you have to look at them, the prices are great and you get lots of stuff.

ACBailey always has tons of activities going on...holy smokes I can't keep up with them....always thinking up new fun ways to scrap and give us ideas, those ladies are awesome too.

Booked a trip to Saginaw Michigan today, Cathy got us an awesome deal at the Marriott so we are able to do more shopping with the money we are saving...LOL. Birch Run has great stores and I haven't been there in a few years so we thought we would give Erie, PA a break and head west for a change.

My dad is retiring at the end of the month, so excited for him. We have some special things planned for him and I'm sure many photo opportunities.

My poor camera hasn't been used in 5 weeks, actually no we went to the fair and I was able to get a few pictures of the kids, I guess just two occasions, tonight and the fair. That's ok it won't take me long to catch up to my 100 pictures a week average. Yes I have a problem.
Well this is my first post for October and not the last. I cannot believe I did not make one single post in September. Thanks for reading such a long post...if you made it this far!


Lisa Carroll said...

That doll is adorable! Glad things are starting to settle down a bit from the move. I know what a pain that is which is why I am hoping to put off another one as long as I can!! LOL. Have a good weekend!

SnapWhiz said...

I love that doll Laura-Lee! It's soooo cute! Sounds like you have been completely overwhelmed. Hopefully you will find your missing items soon and life can come together nicely for you. Can't wait to see your scrap room secrets when you get them up to share.
Take Care - Rhonda ... aka

Kristii said...

Your blog is fantastic!!!! Love the background papers and the pictures are adorable!!