Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pure Neglect

Poor thing, been so busy.

I've posted a copy of Olivia's day care picture.....I thought they turned out quite nice.....cost a lot more that school photo's though. Very worth it.

Getting ready for the next crop in a few weeks. Lots to do and it's going to be fun! I am going to make some valentines card for Olivia's day care friends for one of the make and takes. I have a few other layout ideas up my sleeve too.
Josh is crazy about lego now. Not sure how that happened. First it was the leapster, cubeworld, bakugan, webkins (still) and now it's lego......could have picked a cheaper hobby...HAHA I should talk.

Olivia's birthday is around the corner and I don't think a day goes by when she doesn't remind me....."e-yah's birthday soon mama" so cute. They must be pumping her at day care about it cause it isn't coming from me. She wants little pony for her birthday. I bought her a new kitchen and I gave it to her already so I will wrap up my little pony for her. Then she will have more things to open on her special celebration weekend...good grief.
We are celebrating three birthdays this month, my mum, Olivia and my nephew DJ.....so I'll have to make three cakes for them all.....yep I can do it. They will all be here celebrating at the end of the month.

Layouts are coming along, my room is almost organized and I have a very very large table in there and new lights!! Yippee!! Three fluorescent lights, they are soooo beautiful, it's perfect. I could use a 20 foot usb cord, is there such a thing? Duh,......I would really like to hook up the design studio and sure cuts a lot (thanks April!) to my pc.

Time for bed....another busy day at work tomorrow and bin and sil are coming over tomorrow to install my new bathroom, and Josh has a hockey game...holy smokes! Night all.....

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Rhonda V. said...

I love your layouts!! Olivia's picture is just awesome!

It sounds like your scrappy room is coming together nicely, yah for you!! Let me know if you ever find that 20 ft long usb!!

Happy Scrapping GF!!