Thursday, April 29, 2010


I need to post something in the month of April. So here it is....LOL.

Took Josh to see "How to Train your Dragon" tonight, it was in 3D. It was our first 3D movie and it was amazing, I was pleasantly surprised! What a fantastic movie, Josh told me to stop talking a few times but other than that our evening went really smooth. We went to Movie Palace and if you can believe it we were the only two people in there, kind of spooky actually. First time in that theatre for us too, I really liked the table in front of you so you could put your snacks down and the seats were very well cushioned. All in all an A+ night.

So quiet in the house, both kids are asleep in my bed, gosh I hope they saved some room for me, good thing we have a king. Hubby is at the trailer so it's all up to me for a few days.

Stay tuned for the blog hop on Saturday! National Scrapbooking Day!

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