Sunday, October 23, 2011


Made this four hours...I was supose to start my December daily but didn't do that, having second thoughts on the paper I want to I made this after I bought this fab little album today at the Learning Factory. It's an American Crafts modern album (6x6) I just love that thing! I want another one and they come in other colours!

I also picked up some BoBunny Blitzen paper to use in this mini. It was really really fun to create this, ready to do another now :)


Roxy said...

wow, Laura-Lee, this is incredible!!! Four hours?! This would probably take me a year!!! Absolutely love it! Are you doing December daily, then? I did it last year, and haven't really given much thought to whether I'll do it this year, but it would be fun if I knew someone else doing it! Keep me posted! Hugs, Roxy.

Joy said...

Awesome book LL !
I adore all the layers, tabs and interactive bits.
I'm going to try Dec. Daily this year....I'll be following you so I can check out what your doing with it.