Sunday, March 27, 2011

So pretty!

So my wonderful dad came over to my house and did some electrical work for us, and he put up Olivia's new chandilier in her room. I dry brushed it with pink paint and hung beads from it, so pretty, but I think the shades are a bit to yellow so I'm going to see about replacements tomorrow, if not I will re-cover these shades.

Busy weekend, and things are winding down, such a relief. Here it is Sunday night and I have yet to start my final assignment that is worth 40% off my mark. Hopefully I can whip it up in an hour (yea right) and be in bed before midnight.

Lots of things finishing for us, night school, hockey and can-skate and then so many things starting again....night school for me, this time it's pottery! So excited about that one! I am taking that class with my beautiful friend Sheryl. Olivia starts swimming and Josh in ball hockey. Just enough busy for this house.

Oh have to share this fab place with you! For those who use SCAL (are you paying attention April? LOL) It's called Under a Cherry Tree, really fun!

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