Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ooops sorry about that!

It only took him 4 days to notice I smashed up his truck. I'm just sooo lucky I missed the light or else it would have costs us some serious money. I'm also so lucky I was driving his truck and not mine 8-) mine is 4 months old.
So I hit a planter....yes, a planter. A very large concrete planter, ooops. He wasn't mad at all actually. It looks pretty good here, when I first got out to look at it I was in shock, it was bad, really bad. My dad saved the day....thanks dad. He hammered it back out and clipped it up, I just need to sand off the shavings and use the touch up paint I bought from the Mazda dealer earlier this week.
It will look pretty good when I'm done, except for the tiny hole, but we all need mementos !! Right Step?

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Lisa Carroll said...

oops! Glad there wasn't any more damage though!