Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Huston we have an appointment!!!

It's not until July the 7th but we have an appointment. I feel ok so I'll just have to wait.

I'm going to start playing with the glimmermist stuff, I so can't wait to make something with it, I have an idea brewing in my head....that drives my crazy because nothing else gets done. The Maya Road mist is an add on in the LP kit next month so I'll be posting some ideas soon.
Two more layouts from the wonderful kit at Life Preservers


Katamommy said...

I love these layouts, you are giving me so many great ideas to steal...uh, I mean get inspiration from! ;) lol Congrats on getting an appointment!

Sandra said...

Glad you finally got an appointment. It'll go by fast, you'll see!! Great layouts!

Wanita said...

Great layouts!