Sunday, April 26, 2009

A really nice weekend.....

I had a very nice weekend....drove to Woodstock (actually only took me 45 minutes) and spent the evening with 10 girls...some I knew and some I know now. Had a wonderful time...we ate, drank...drank some more and talked all night, well just until 3:30 am.

Marianne was a high school friend, we re-connected about 4 years ago after loosing touch we each of us moved to different parts of Ontario. We had a lot of fun together....manged to get into some trouble..........ok a lot of trouble...........but it was all worth it.

Back to work tomorrow and the struggle of juggling chores, kids and life, soon it will be summer and the many weeks of vacation will start...yea!


Katamommy said...

That sounds like some fun girl time! Great layout, I like the way you stacked the strips!

Sandra said...

ooooooooo...beautiful layout!! I also love the two layouts you have featured on your side bar!