Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just because it was bound to happen sooner or later

She loves the glue stick....don't know if I'm in for it or not...hehe. The teacher says Joshua is very artistic, I think that is so cute, he's been nagging me to buy him a scrapbook album for his layouts...LOL. He only has one, I should post it, it's very's about his sister.

I think she's gonna love art too, I can just tell by the things she's already into. I'm ok with that...but she can't have more scrapbook supplies than me!

Called the cardiologist's office today to find out when I might expect a call for my's been three weeks since I found out. She said she would book it and fax the info to my doctor but I still don't have a call. She said I wasn't urgent. Tell that to my dancing heart, tingling fingers and rapid heart beat. BP is still not down....getting very frustrated with all of's time to go shopping....Steph? where are you? ready to go?

Scrapfest is on Saturday...yea!!! I can't wait to get out and shop at all those retailers...all under one roof! whoa! It's an hour to Kitchener from here so Stephanie and I will be able to get all our chatting in before and after...always look forward to that! Last year it was sooo busy in the morning we thought this year we would go a tad bit later in hopes we can shop comfortably and maybe sit for a few make and takes.


Katamommy said...

I hope you hear from the dr soon! I love this layout, she's definitely going to be an artist! Have fun at Scrapfest, I wish we had something like that going on here!

Sandra said...

Hang in there...waiting for appointments can be so aggravating!! I'm praying for you. P.S. What a cute layout!!