Friday, April 24, 2009

Not so great day on Thursday

Really not good, I started to feel funny about 11 ish, my heart was doing those funny things again, where it feels like I need to be calibrated or shocked back into action. I got so weak I could barely walk, thank goodness I co-worker saw me on the way to the to the medical clinic and helped me the rest of the way. My bp was way up and my beats per minute were at 129. Things slowly got better and then it happened again so the nurses called the EMS.

At the hospital they did an xray and lots of blood work, white cells and red cells, everything came back good. That's good but still bad because I still don't know what's wrong with me. They don't think the hole in my heart has anything to do with my current problems. I left about 8 hours later with new meds (betta blockers) and told to see my GP and ask her to move up the cardiologist appointment.

I see my family doctor next Friday, hopefully she can speed things up a bit.

So now what? Do I sit at home waiting for it to happen again? If it happens again? No I don't think so....I'm going to carry on and do the things I would normally do. I just won't go to any remote places where the closest anything is 4 hours away. I'll just think about it a little.

I'm fine and I will be fine. In the mean time I'm going to scrap like crazy!!!


Katamommy said...

Well crud, I'm so sorry that happened! Take care of yourself, I need your layouts to scraplift!!! :P

Lisa Carroll said...

Sorry! I hope they can get everything figured out for you soon. Love the layout!

leah said...

Aww. Sorry you're not feeling so well! Hope they get things figured out soon! :(